Why did my George Foreman Grill ruin a good Porterhouse Steak?

Question by Alrozz: Why did my George Foreman Grill ruin a good Porterhouse Steak?
It got charred beyond recognition.

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Answer by Happy Cooker
George Foreman grills suck the juice out of everything. Don’t use it for steaks.

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  • Dave C says:

    Sounds like you ruined your steak by leaving it in the George Foreman too long.

    All the George Foreman is is a source of heat like charcoal, propane, electric or natural gas.

    You determine the desired doneness and the timing.

    3 to 6 minutes should be the best time range depending upon thickness and desired doneness.

  • August says:

    Watch the steak while it cooks you don’t want to over cook it.

  • I Like It says:

    it’s because they do not cook evenly because of the way it closes. how high did you have it. if you are going to cook a steak in doors it is easier to brown on both sides for 1 min in a frying pan and then finish cookin in the oven until it is done the way you like it.

  • sirmrmagic says:

    I have a George Foreman grill and it works GREAT,these grills DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY cook the food,you do HAVE TO WATCH IT so not to over or under cook it …………….

  • sixoneurdun says:

    good for chicken

    grill cheese

    but not steaks

  • Doodles says:

    because you left it in too long

  • SayWhat? says:

    If you think it was overcooked and you weren’t at fault for leaving it in the machine too long, then the heating element on your grill might have quit working.

  • wcanoodle says:

    Hmm..maybe don’t fall asleep while cooking? I have eaten many a charred frozen pizza by falling asleep with one in the oven and awaking 3 hours later to the smell of smoke..but charcoal is good for the digestion…think of it that way..it absorbs toxins..LOL

  • angelsinspiration says:

    Cuz steak is made for a real grill – with fire and smoke and grunting types chugging beer. If you put a steak on a sheet of hot metal, it’s bound to turn out to be a bad day….

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