Q&A: Can you cook with aluminum foil, on george foreman grill?

Question by Person on yahoo answers….: Can you cook with aluminum foil, on george foreman grill?
i use the george foreman religulously, and i know i can use aluminum foil on a standard “outside” grill. Im thinking that you could also do this with GF grill. Just thought i would double check. Meaning I want to wrap my food in foil and cook it on GF grill. It wouldnt hurt anything would it?

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Answer by Alex
no it should be fine .. my parents do it all the time ^_^
good luck ! ^_^

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Can you cook with aluminum foil, on george foreman grill?”

  • SCOTT says:

    It would probably work, BUT the use of foil could damage the Non~Stick Teflon like coating on the grill.

  • Designer~Wife says:

    I ALWAYS use foil on my Forman – It makes it soooo much easier to keep clean! I don’t wrap the food, I use a large sheet of foil , place it on the bottom with the extra up at the top so the foil ends up wrapping over the top of the food when you close the lid. Works great.

  • Brian K says:

    I do it all the time to keep all those “bad, fat” juices from coming out.
    you’ll be fine.

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