How do you cook chicken drumsticks on a george foreman grill?

Question by j999: How do you cook chicken drumsticks on a george foreman grill?
How long do you cook the drumsticks for?

Do you need to turn them to the side at some point or will it cook it thoroughly if you leave it the way it is?

Will the bone interfere with cooking it thoroughly?


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Answer by mrs_G
I would not advise this unless you pre-boil them. Bone-in chicken takes a long time to cook!

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3 Responses to “How do you cook chicken drumsticks on a george foreman grill?”

  • Hannah C says:

    If you close the grill, it should cook thoroughly on both sides. Try marinading them in a mixture of milk and some of your favorite spices for 24 hours before you grill them – the milk makes them super tender so the grill doesn’t dry the meat out too much. A great way to do this is using a casserole dish, and then cover it and stick it in the fridge. Take the meat out of the fridge about 20 minutes before you’re ready to grill to get the chill off (otherwise the meat will be tough).

    I usually cook them for about 10 minutes and then I check to see where they are – you know, the good old fork method: stick a fork in it, if the juices that run out are clear, it’s done – if they aren’t done, keep cooking, checking every few minutes.

  • msjantastic says:

    Best way would be to remove the bone to make sure it cooked evenly. You may want to read the booklet that came with it for ideas and hints and things that should not be cooked on it. I would just bake them since that would be healthy and easier.

  • tormentt says:

    drumsticks are rather small…if the grill is closed it should take prolly about 20 minutes…closed it will cook both sides so no need to really turn em i dont think…season to your liking and toss em on your grill and enjoy….

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