Have you ever grilled frozen burgers on Foreman grill?

Question by : Have you ever grilled frozen burgers on Foreman grill?
If so, what temperature did you use? I’m preheating on High. But if I need to turn it down, I need to know before I get started!
What temp do you cook it on, though?
I’ve read on the old Foreman grill that you just preheat and throw the frozen patties on there. But this has low through high settings, so that’s what I need to know about. Thanks!

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Answer by Michael
I have one, and I always throw the frozen burgers in the microwave and use the defrost by weight feature, they then take about 4 minutes to cook. Hope that helps

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3 Responses to “Have you ever grilled frozen burgers on Foreman grill?”

  • sweetroll says:

    They should be defrosted first otherwise they might be raw in the middle.

  • glow from within says:

    Yeah all the time. You can tell when its done when they look done. If you need to, cut one in half and make sure it isn’t cold on the inside.

  • Bufferfly says:

    I wouldn’t reccomend it (I would defrost in the microwave like previous poster said) but if you insist then do it on low. The problem with cooking on high with frozen meat is the outside gets done and the middle is raw. You’d have to burn the outside to cook the inside of it.

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