cooking a chicken breast on foreman grill…?

Question by bosh50: cooking a chicken breast on foreman grill…?
the cooking time says 4-6 mins but it takes much longer than that…anybody know the correct cooking time for chicken breasts on a foreman grill

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Answer by Miss Rhonda

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  • madrida2 says:

    We boil them for a bit then put them on the foreman. That way you know they are fully cooked.

  • Munchkin says:

    you can tell by touching the meat in the thickest part. tuck in your thumb while tensing the muscle, that is how the chicken should feel! hope this helps…

  • vivera says:

    I know it all depends on the thickness of the chicken and the size! i usually take about 10 minutes both side when they are thick ! Enjoy!

  • sheila love says:

    That 4-6 minutes is based on a 6oz. chicken breast,…and more time will be required if the breasts are larger. Another variant is if the cut of your chicken is more thick in the middle, or you use chicken tenderloins. Using a mallet you can pound the breast meat to even the thickness and reduce the cooking time. When in doubt a cooking thermometer should be used to check for proper doneness. Inserting the therm. probe into the thickest part of your meat, try to get the internal temperature to 165* and when you have finished cooking you should also let the breast meat rest for 5-10 minutes to let the juices of the breast redistribute. Then serve as you see fit.
    Some marinades will speed up cooking time as well so watch closely and don’t be afraid to experiment.

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