Can you use aluminum foil on the George Foreman grill?

Question by coconut_parrothead: Can you use aluminum foil on the George Foreman grill?
I have heard that you can use foil on the GF grill, but I would’ve thought that it would scratch the non-stick teflon on the grill… does anyone know for sure?

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Answer by brookeisabamf
yeah it won’t hurt it. its good to make a pouch for fish with it and put pesto an lemon in with it. madddd good.

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  • duane4ta says:

    I have ‘worn-out’ my 1st GF Grill…that’s how much I loooove this guy!! I now buy that ‘Release’ non-stick foil. Plug in the GF….pull out one piece of the foil to on grill in the ‘open’ position…put meat, etc on slick-side of foil….bring over the rest of the foil over it & put the lid down….Your food will cook just like B4..only NO clean-up!! I have even mixed up some ‘Fajita-type’ vegetables in the Fajita Mix stuff, along w/ some cubed chicken & poured it all over the foil & closed it down. I had delcious Fajita’s and ZERO Cleanu-up!….Give it a try!

  • dnt4get2luvme says:

    Sure I have done it. Just be really carefuly not to scrap the aluminum over the teflon. Also I found it makes it harder for the greese to run off into those little trays when using it. So I use a low flt plte pushed up agaisnt it. Goodluck and enjoy!!!

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