Can you cook frozen chicken breasts on george foreman grill?

Question by ~steph~: Can you cook frozen chicken breasts on george foreman grill?
And if yes how long? Also any good tips for flavoring the breasts?

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Answer by a-mac
My sister says that it works better to thaw them first.

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5 Responses to “Can you cook frozen chicken breasts on george foreman grill?”

  • Roma says:

    Never cook chicken from frozen dude unless you want salmonella. Even thawing in the microwave I wouldnt recommend.

  • Elo Fudpucker says:

    Boy you lucked out this time, I am the best on the George Foreman Grill……………Sprinkle the Thawed chicken breast (If thick breast, butterfly them) with a little Tony Chacheres Cajun spice, Let the grill heat for about 5 minutes, cook on each side about 4-5 minutes..Perfect….Nuf Said

  • IceKimber says:

    you can either marinate them with a dry chicken rub seasoning for the grill or a liquid marinade…. if you don’t have either, even Italian dressing works too…. I’d “grill” them for about 7 minutes (if that) it should do… just check to make sure they’re cooked all the way through good luck (thaw first)

  • Jazzy Geri says:

    In my opinion all meats are better if cooked thawed out….but in case you are running short on time it can be done..that is the “boneless breasts” They are thin and easier to place on the GF grill….the top will make contact with the entire piece of meat…but not with the “bone in piece of breast”… add flavor to the chicken you can go in any direction depending on what you have a taste for……I would rub olive oil on the breast first..then if you want ITALIAN add some garlic salt, oregano and lemon juice …on both sides….then cook it until all juices run clear… make it Mexican add the above seasonings but also add CUMIN…that spells..MEXICAN….and if you want it to be a lot more spicy then add some ground red pepper. While you have the grill working…add some pineapple rings…they are great grilled….and a great addition to the chicken….You can also take some already baked potatoes slice them lengthwise into portions and lay them on the GF grill…first season them with paprika and a little oil….if you have the big grill you might be able to cook everything at the same time…
    How COOL is that….
    Good luck,
    Mama Jazzy Geri

  • sugarboopooh1 says:

    the only way your gonna be able to cook those is to put them in some water first for a few mintues. cold water thaws out frozen foods fast. then you can put some seasoning salt to them and little pepper. and you’ll be fine.

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