Filet Mignon Recipe

Filet mignon is always a treat. This delicious cut of beef is so tender, you can often cut filet with a fork. Syndicated columnist Rita Heikenfeld shows you how to cook a pan roasted filet mignon with her filet recipe. Start the filet mignon in a skillet to sear in the flavor and then move it to the oven for about 5 minutes. This is one of our favorite ways to cook a filet that comes out perfectly every time. Pair this filet mignon with an appetizer of shrimp cocktail and you’ve got a wonderful romantic meal.
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25 Responses to “Filet Mignon Recipe”

  • mofokraut says:

    @Luddekuddekudde no butter pleese. aint want my stake to tase like saur milk

  • balucheers says:

    My filet mignon comes with bacon around the meat and topped with a handsome slice of goose liver.

    Quite important, b u t t e r, absolutely no olive oil.

  • RecipeCook says:

    @djmokes Science proves that poking with a fork doesn’t impact the juice in the steak. Applying heat and the fibers tightening squeeze out the juice. A fork isn’t sharp enough to impact those fibers. I certainly used too much oil here…but the fork has no impact but is a great tool to turn a steak. ~Rita

  • RecipeCook says:

    Thanks – you really “get” what I’m trying to do.

  • vampellekain666 says:

    Bah, don’t let these fools kill your spirit ma’am. I’m happy your taking the time to do what your doing. Some people don’t get that all your trying to do is give the inexperienced cooks out there a lil bit of a “jump off point” into the world of cooking! Bravo, and keep up the good work! =)

  • xoxgodofgodsgodxx says:

    Grr another olive oil fanatic.

  • Kilooscarromeo says:

    olive oil has a very low smoking temp not the wisest choice when cooking steaks

  • ritah2108 says:

    So you make your own butter? Lucky you. Sounds like a good recipe, too.

  • gardini100 says:

    i use butter made from milk “cream” with salt to sear mine after the searing i put them in a oven for 5 mins takes them out to rest 5 mins and then 5 mins in the oven ….the oven is pre set at 180 celcius …….it works for me 😀

  • scott29501 says:

    Olive oil doesn’t do well with the high heat needed to sear meats. A light coating (or spray) of canola oil doesn’t burn or get as bitter as quickly as more delicate oils. If your steak has a fair amount marbling in it, you probably won’t need any oil at all as the fat will render its own lipids into your pan. If you plan on cooking your steak to a more well done temp, lower the heat and use the oil of your choice. When it comes to well done, low and slow is the way to go.

  • chri8067 says:

    This lady must be from Expert Village.

  • phychmasher says:

    “Oh my gosh this smells so good.” The… raw meat does? That’s kinda werewolfish.

  • mayito714 says:

    Are you frying? Sooooo much Oil…

  • JoanIsNotTheMaid says:

    Wow, that isn’t true at all.

  • mrbear24 says:

    poking it with a thermometer? all the juices are going to come out! use Gordon Ramsay’s touching method =)

  • cooldude3001 says:

    fillet mignon

  • theMilkz says:

    @tropicalpimp peanut oil gives alot of flavour to red meats.

  • tropicalpimp says:

    @greatbydesign33 really? I really like the flavor but then again i’ve never tried cooking filet mignon wit any other oil? recommendations?

  • tawhnya says:


    she like the smell of her fresh ground pepper

  • thunderscratch66 says:

    @kirby4blues how many plastic handles have you melted in your life? it CAN happen, give the poor lady a break!

  • nannyjoyful says:

    Just happened upon this site, and am so happy I found this.. Love the recipes and videos. Great reference place to go.Will suggest this to all my freinds.

  • urielly says:

    @greatbydesign33 Actually Rancidity is achieved when Oxidation of an Oil Occurs, therefore she can cook with any oil she wants even flax seed oil (this being the most delicate oil) and nothing will occur, Well that is until it gets Oxidated, usually the time will very and the exposure to Oxygen after the first cooling. Lets put it simple first heat exposure does nothing, no mater what temperature, this is called refining, after that it all depend on the exposure to oxygen, TIP SERVE IMMEDIATELY

  • 333bigjoe says:

    That is A LOT of oil in the pan!

  • MattyMatt761 says:

    olive oil doesn’t denature since it isn’t made of proteins. It’s a fatty acid.

  • bnz500 says:

    Extra virgin olive oil =/= cooking oil

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